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International Capital Markets

I have already discussed with you on Capital Markets and Indian Capital Markets, therefore I hope now I can directly start with International capital markets and their significance. The main reason to write this article is to educate you all on different foreign capital markets. I always think that "Can we play in the Foreign Capital Markets like different FIIs who are playing in the Indian Capital Markets?"

World over there are markets which track the level of economic activity in the continent if not less. I am giving you a brief introduction of few of them :


The NYSE is the largest and most prestigious exchange located at New York USA. Collectively, its listed companies represent about $22 trillion in market capitalization. Few of the height market capitalized companies are :

• Exxon
• GE
• Citi Group,
• Bank of America
• P&G
• Pfizer
• Wall mart, etc
You can track more on NYSE


The NASDAQ was the first electronic exchange and now the largest electronic screen based securities exchange in the USA. Based on number of securities listed and daily trading it is ahead of any other exchanges in the USA. It is known for tech companies. You can track more in NASDAQ.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Stock exchanges and clearing limited is the holding company of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong limited and listed on own exchange. Hang Seng is the index of HSE, comprises 33 high market cap stocks. You can track more on Hong Kong Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange

This is one of the oldest and largest stock exchanges in the world. NASDAQ and NYSE are trying to takeover LSE. You can track more on London Stock Exchange

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