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Whether you want it or not, a day will come when you need to retire. For few it comes as a relief from their daily grind at work and for some it may be an inconvenient truth that might me catching up. Research report says that, people find out too late that they don’t have sufficient money saved to sustain them comfortably 10 -15 years after retirement. Unfortunately most of the people neglect planning their retirement until late in their career.

Retirement planning needs a lot of assessment of your present and projected earnings and your retirement needs. It becomes stressful for people when they realize that they don’t have skills and knowledge to forecast their finances, which will affect them in future. The trend shows that most of the people need a Retirement Financial Consultant to help them plan their post retirement lifestyle and hence you have a lot of scope and opportunity to grow as a Retirement Financial Consultant. An experience in financial consulting or finance industry will be helpful because you will have a head for figures, and you will be able to take a ton of information, analyse your clients' needs and then present to them a clear, concise retirement plan. A good Retirement Financial Consultant also needs to be able to empathize with people. You are not only dealing with numbers but you are dealing with HOW this number will affect people's life in future. You might have to deal with fears and likes and dislikes that are unique to your clients, so patience is a key quality a Retirement Financial Consultant needs to have. Change - even for good reasons - can be stressful and scary. An efficient Retirement Financial Consultant will anticipate how these changes will affect his clients and help them through it. In addition to regular advertisements in your local Yellow Pages and classifieds, you can market yourself as a Retirement Financial Consultant by giving seminars or lectures, publishing a newsletter, writing articles. Networking with bankers and accountants will be a good idea, as they will be in constant contact with lots of people who have MONEY! You could also conduct a series of classes in your local college or community centre on how to make money, money management or similar topics. This helps to give you exposure and build your credibility. Remember that trust and confidence builds over time and your clients will take your help in their later years to deal with their senior living issues like healthcare and housing that involve finances. Remember that every client is potentially with you for life. With an ever-growing number of potential clients, you can thrive as a retirement planning consultant until your own retirement and beyond. All of these will help you become a successful Retirement Financial Consultant.

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