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What is bancassurance?

With the financial integration both within the country and globally, insurance is increasingly being viewed not just as a ‘stand alone’ product but as an important item on a menu of financial products that helps consumers to blend and create a portfolio of financial assets, manage their financial risks and plan for their financial security and well being (Olson 2004). This approach aims at blending of insurance products as a ‘value addition’ while promoting its own products. Thus, banks could sell the insurance products without any additional efforts. In most times, giving insurance cover at a nominal premium/ fee or sometimes without explicit premium does act as an added attraction to sell the bank’s own products, e.g., credit card, housing loans, education loans, etc. Many banks in India,in recent years, has been aggressively marketing credit and debit cardbusiness, whereas the cardholders get the ‘insurance cover’ for a nominal fee or (implicitly included in the annual fee) free from explicit charges/ premium. Similarly the home loans / vehicle loans, etc., have also been packaged with the insurance cover as an additional incentive.

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