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How to Read your CIBIL report?

When you apply for your CIBIL score you get your credit report along with the CIBIL Trans Union score.

How to read your credit report?

The credit report consists of

  • Accounts section
  • Enquiry section.

Accounts section

The accounts section gives details on all the loans you are currently bearing (loan obligations) from banks and other loan service providers you have availed. If you have a personal loan and a home loan from any bank this is mentioned in the accounts section.

It gives details of :

  • The lender you have taken the loan from
  • Type of credit ( Credit card/ Loan such as home or a personal loan)
  • Date on which you availed the loan
  • Date on which your loan has been settled (if it has been settled).
  • Amount of money that is yet the repaid on all loans you have availed.
  • Your repayment record (whether you are regular in your repayments or not).
    This data is for a period of 3 years.
  • Enquiry

    This section gets filled up in your credit information report when banks access/check your credit report in order to make a decision if your loan can be sanctioned.

    It gives details of :

    • All banks you have enquired for loans from in the past. (Name of bank).
    • Date on which you enquired for the loan.
    • Type of loan you enquired for (Whether it is a personal or a home loan).
    • The amount of loan you enquired for.

    How to read your CIBIL score?

    Credit score of – 1
    If you avail a loan for the first time you are assigned a score of -1.This means that you have no credit history as you have not availed any loans in the past. Banks cannot make a decision on your repayment capability if your credit score is -1 and sanction your loan based on your eligibility criteria. If you avail a credit card from the bank in your name and your spouse is given an add on credit card by the bank (add on is a privilege given to your spouse ,children or parents) then your wife will get a credit score of -1 as the credit card is in your name.

    You have paid back all your loans in full at least 2 years back you get a credit score of -1.

    Credit score of - 0
    You get a score of 0 if you have paid back all your loans at least 6 months back. Having scores of -1 and 0 mean that banks cannot make a decision on your ability to repay the loan as past history is insufficient and may be reluctant to sanction the loan.

    CIBIL Trans Union score

    If you have a credit history of over 6 months CIBIL assigns a CIBIL Trans Union score which is in a range of 300-900.If you have newly availed a loan/credit card and have a credit history of over 6 months( been prompt in payments for over six months) you may get a credit score of 750-800.

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