GST: So What Have Change From July?

Just Few hour Before The Big GST roll out and the big question on everyone's minds is, 'Weather I will have to shell out more from today?

Well, at quite a few places.

If you are going out for Dine Today

If you are dining out from today and settle your bill, your bill will reflect the GST instead of the service charge. In other words, this means a higher headline rate compared to the current service tax of 6% (after discounting for taxes on food) and VAT.

What will happen if you checking in a Hotel

GST will replace service tax and local taxes (like luxury tax) on hotel bills settled any time From today even if you checked in days before. But if you booked and paid in advance for your hotel stay in July, you will not have to pay GST.

What Will happen if You are planning to buy you Dream Buy?

If you take a cab ride or planning to buy a new car. You have to pay your tax according to GST.
Welcome to the new era of GST.
You have to pay higher tax on diesel and mid-sized cars and Luxury cars to cost less.

Shop online past midnight

Quite a few articles will cost more if you shop online after the midnight GST roll out. So it makes sense to book your order today itself. The government has decided to not insist on e-tailers like Amazon and Flipkart deducting taxes in making payments to vendors, sparing them a complication.

What will happen if you book your flight from today?

If you're planning to fly away for a vacation, you are likely to pay slightly lesser for economy class flights tickets under the GST regime as the tax incidence comes down to 5 per cent from 6 per cent currently. However, if you travel business class, fares are likely to go up as the tax would increase to 12 per cent from the 9 per cent currently.

However, going forward,it is expected that due to reduced cost because of availability of GST credit on items hitherto not available, the price of services will also come down which will benefit the consumers," says Sandeep Sehgal, director-tax and regulatory at Ashok Maheshwary & Associates LLP.

After GST rollout, many items like footwear below Rs. 500 and garments could become cheaper. On the other hand, items like TV and small cars could become costlier.

Petroleum products such as petrol, diesel and aviation turbine fuel have been kept out of GST as of now. The GST Council will take a decision on it at a later date. Alcohol has also been kept out of GST

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