Accident Insurance

Now you can protect your entire family with Personal Accident Insurance against accidental injuries. The policy provides the benefits to you and your family, for Accidental Death, Permanent Disability, Broken Bones, Burns due to an accident. It also provides benefit of Ambulance cost and hospital cash.

What is Accident Insurance?

Accident insurance helps you pay for the medical and out-of-pocket costs that you may incur after an accidental injury. This includes emergency treatment, hospital stays, and medical exams, and other expenses you may face, such as transportation and lodging needs.

Why Do You Need Accident Cover?
Financial Assistance for Minor to major disability cover Accidental Insurance

Policy Covers From Minor to Major

The policy covers all kinds of accidents, whether major or minor, ranging from mishaps such as falling off a bicycle to getting hit by a car.

Financial Assistance for Full disability cover Accidental Insurance

Full Disability Cover

It can provide cover against partial, temporary or full disability and even the loss of livelihood.

Financial Assistance for Premium Rates Of A Personal Accident Insurance Plan Insurance

Premium Rates

The premium rates of a personal accident insurance plan are laughably low -you can get an extremely high coverage by paying a premium in the range of Rs 225 which effectively means that the daily cost of you investing in a personal accident insurance plan is about 60 paise. Typically, a PA will cost 0.1 % of the coverage that you get -so for a cover of INR 10,000 you will have to pay about INR 1000 annually.

Types Of Accidental Insurance:

• Accidental Death: The benefits under this plan is payable if demise occurs from a mishap.

• Accidental disability: It indicates that the policyholder is disabled either partially or wholly.

• Accidental dismemberment: It indicates that a part of the policyholder's body has been severed or dismembered. It means, if the policyholder loses his hand or leg or eyes in a mishap, then he would be eligible to get a claim under dismemberment.

• Daily payment during hospitalization: It gives monetary relief to a patient while he undergoes cure at the hospital.

Factors Influencing Personal Accident Insurance Premiums:

Demographic Factors

Life insurance policies take factors like age, health, income, etc. into account to determine the premium paying capacity, expected lifespan, etc. of the customer.

Income & Current State Of Health

Health insurance policies take factors like income, current state of health, etc. into account to determine the expected frequency of hospitalizations, etc. of the customer.

Exposure To Risk

Personal accident insurance policies take factors into account like exposure to risk, employment category, etc. into account to determine the total risk exposure and likelihood of accidental injury, etc. of the customer.

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