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List of Commodities traded in Exchange

Following are the major commodities traded in the Exchange

Agricultural (Grains, Food and Fiber) Energy Commodity Livestock & Meat Precious metals Others
Corn WTI Crude Oil Copper Lean Hogs Gold Ethanol
Oats Brent Crude Lead Frozen Pork Bellies Platinum Rubber
Rough Rice Ethanol Zinc Live Cattle Palladium Palm Oil
Soybeans Natural Gas Tin Feeder Cattle Silver Wool
Soybean Meal Heating Oil Aluminium Polypropylene
Soybean Oil Gulf Coast Gasoline Aluminium alloy Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LL)
Wheat RBOB Gasoline Nickel
Cocoa Propane Aluminium alloy
Coffee Uranium Recycled Steel

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