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Bond Market in India

The Bond Market in India with the liberalization has been transformed totally. The opening up of the financial market right now has influenced numerous foreign investors holding up to 30% of the financial in form of fixed income to invest in the bond market in India. The bond market in India has expanded to a large extent and that is a huge contributor to the stable growth of the economy. The bond market has immense potential in increase funds to support the infrastructural development undertaken by the government and expansion plans of the companies. Sometimes the unavailability of funds becomes one of the main problems for the large organization. The bond market in India plays an important role in fund raising for developmental ventures. Bonds are issued and sold to the public for funds.

Bonds are interest bearing debt certificates, Bonds under the bond market in India may be issued by the big private organizations and Government Company. The bond market in India has vast opportunities for the market is still quite shallow. The equity market is more popular than the bond market in India, now the bond market has emerged into an important financial sector.

The different types of bond market in India

  • Corporate Bond Market
  • Municipal Bond Market
  • Government and Agency Bond Market
  • Funding Bond Market
  • Mortgage Backed and Collateral Debt Obligation Bond Market

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