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4 things to Know Before Planning a Summer Vacation

Finally summer’s here…. Oh those warm sunny days. Ice cream that melts in your mouth. Can summer be complete without taking your kids to those water games at the local amusement park or a weeklong vacation?But there’s a problem. Enjoying your summer costs money….Lots of money.You have a great summer vacation and at the end of it you are broke….well completely broke.Learn these 4 things before planning a summer vacation.

A saying comes to mind “Two weeks on the sunny sands and the rest of the year on the financial rocks”.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Plan Plan and Plan….Get that calendar out and decide what you want to do and yes…how much it’s going to cost. Travelling and dining out can be very expensive.Tickets at that amusement park for you and your family can empty your pockets. Knowing how much money you need and saving up for it,is the only way you can enjoy a good peaceful vacation.

The weekend rush: Weekends are great times.But there’s a problem.Entertainment costs more on weekends than weekdays. You must take your kids to the amusement park, in the middle of the week rather than on weekends. You can save quite a lot on those pricey tickets.

Look for deals: Remember on your vacation always think save. Shop for a deal. Does your hotel offer you complimentary transport to the airport? Do you get complimentary meals as part of the travel package? These savings might not look much, but you can save quite a bit on your family trip.

Get rid of useless stuff: Is your home cluttered with old mobiles and other stuff useless to you? Well there are a number of online sites which connect you to a buyer, who just might be interested in what you have. You get rid of your junk and use the money for a good vacation. Learn these 4 things and have a great vacation.

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