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Bombay Stock Exchange - An Overview

The Bombay Stock Exchange is the oldest Stock Exchange in Asia situated in Dalal Street, Mumbai in India.The Bombay Stock Exchange was started in 1875 as the “Native Share and Stock Brokers Association” in 1875, it earned a formal status under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in 1956. Market Capitalization of the BSE was about Rs 33.4 trillion as on 2006, October, the Bombay Stock Exchange uses the Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex as the market indicator in Asia and India.

The Bombay Stock Exchange deals with trading in derivatives, equity and other debt instruments, the Bombay Stock Exchange introduces the first Exchange Traded Index Derivative Contract in 2000. the Index Options started to be traded from 2001 whereas the single stock futures were traded from 2002. The weekly options were introduced in 2004.

Index Futures

Index futures are mainly futures whose original asset is the BSE index itself, no commodity or stock constitutes the underlying asset.

Index options

The index options like any option gives the holder the right but not compulsion to purchase or sell the underlying asset at the specified date and price, then underlying asset in the case of the index option is again the BSE index itself.

Stock Futures and Options

Stock futures and the stock options have the common characteristics as any other stock future or option traded by any index where the underlying asset is some stock.

Equity futures and options

The equity futures and options that were introduces by the Bombay Stock Exchange have a highest expiry period of 3 months.

Weekly options

The weekly options are similar to the monthly options apart from for the fact that these options are introduced on every Monday of each week and the option matures in a two weeks time.

There are various other indices that are used by the Bombay Stock Exchange and they are listed as follows :
• BSE 500
• BSE 100
• BSE 200
• BSE Tech
• BSE Auto
• BSE Pharma
• BSE Fast Moving Consumer Goods
• BSE Consumer Durables
• BSE Metal

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