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By | 17/05/2018
Are You Suffering From Hypertension Or Diabetes? Get A Health Insurance Availability Advice - Money Mindz

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World Hypertension Day is a day initiated by The World Hypertension League (WHL) which is itself an umbrella to organizations of 85 national hypertension societies and leagues. It is a day initiated to increase the awareness of hypertension. As there was lack of appropriate knowledge about this disease among hypertensive patients, this day can be considered as very important. On May 14, 2005, the WHL launched its first WHD.

Living with a disease like hypertension could be very dangerous and challenging. Although health complications are the major issues it is also difficult to find the right health plan that could cover deadly diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

It is commonly seen that due to abrupt lifestyle changes among young adults and children. Unfortunately, India can be termed as the second diabetic capital of the world. 107.3 million people can be expected to suffer from hypertension by the year 2025, as per the study conducted in 2005. We can see that over a time, insurance companies have realized the importance of covering these ailments. As a result, a kind of financial relief can be seen among the customers.    

Strategies that need to be adopted to get the best plan at the lowest cost?

1. Wait it out: Generally, health plans include coverage for hypertension and diabetes after a waiting period of two to four years. So, it is better to buy a comprehensive cover at the earliest and wait it out. It is important to find a plan with the shortest waiting period. A proper lifestyle is needed to maintain to keep these diseases in check. It is to be remembered that the policy pays for the expenses only after the waiting period.

2. Group Cover: If someone has an employer-provided group insurance plan, then he does not have to go through any waiting period. He will stay protected from the day he gets the coverage.

3. Extra premium: It can be seen that some insurance providers offer cover against hypertension and diabetes at an increased premium. This strategy can be adopted and covered if you feel your health is fragile and you require medical care in the near future. An important thing to keep in mind is that the extra premium you pay does not exceed the amount of the hospital bills.

4. Start early: You must certainly remember to buy a health insurance plan as early as possible. If you have a family history of hypertension and diabetes then you should certainly not make a delay. So, buy the policy right away and also encourage your children to buy their policies early on in life as they may be affected by such diseases later on in life.

Let us have a look at some of the special plans covering diseases like hypertension and diabetes:

1. Star Health Diabetes Safe Plan

2. Apollo Munich Energy Health Insurance Plan For Diabetes And Hypertension

3. ICICI Prudential Diabetes Care Active Plan

4. Star Health Cardiac Care Insurance Plan For Heart Patients

If you have an existing health plan which covers these diseases, you can continue the same. This is as the plans with pre-existing illnesses have a maximum sum assured cap. Thus, it cannot be issued for high coverage.

It is definitely, difficult but yet not impossible to find a health insurance plan if you suffering from diseases like hypertension and diabetes. You will have to have a proper look and maybe pay an extra premium, but still, be protected.

Health is the most important thing in life. So, you cannot afford to take the risk without having a good health insurance coverage. Do keep the above-discussed tips in mind and secure your life accordingly.

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