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Unclaimed Insurance Money With Insurance Companies

By | 11/12/2018

India’s First Free Online/On-call Financial Advisory Portal – MoneyMindz      The amount of unclaimed money seems to be increasing by every passing year. A huge chunk of money is lying unclaimed with Insurance companies. Best Financial Adviser Kuber Mindz Moneymindz says that this is a serious situation where there is a 25% increase of… Read More »

Your Auto Insurance Claim Can Be Rejected If This Happens

By | 04/12/2018

India’s First Free Online/On-call Financial Advisory Portal – MoneyMindz      You have realized the value of Auto Insurance and have bought one. Some months later, you are involved in a car accident and need to file an insurance claim. Best Financial Adviser Kuber Mindz gives you the scenario in which you go to the Insurance Company… Read More »

Insure your life with Life Insurance – MoneyMindz

By | 21/09/2018

You are having a loving family and you want to take care of time. You are worried about what might happen to them if you do not live long. At the time, you will be stressed. Moneymindz India’s First Free On call Financial Advisory tells you that at this time, it is important to purchase… Read More »

How to Prepare For These Financial Emergencies | MoneyMindz

By | 08/09/2018

  You might be in a well paying job, working hard to move forward in your career and meeting all your financial goals regularly. Everything seems to be an open field with flowers when suddenly a storm come from nowhere and you are stuck with an emergency like accident, illness, leaking taps, etc. If caught… Read More »

If You Plan to Buy Health Insurance to Save Tax? Look Out For These Factors | MoneyMindz

By | 05/09/2018

     Health Insurance is imperative because one trip to the hospital can wipe out your entire savings. So it is a must to buy Health Insurance so that in case you are hospitalized, the Health Insurance Company will take care of the fees and payments. Financial Advisors advice the same a couple of times.… Read More »

How to Make Your Financial Life Easier and Simpler – Kuber Mindz

By | 31/08/2018

   If your financial life is driving you nuts due to its complexity, it’s a no-brainer that you have to make it simpler. But if you don’t know how to make things simpler here is what you should do. 1. One financial goal at a time Multitasking creates more complexities for you here. So the… Read More »