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For What Reasons Would You Probably Need Personal Loans?-MoneyMindz

By | 11/09/2018

  Whenever you go through a cash crunch or are broke, you might think of getting a Personal Loan. To be precise, personal loans are for individuals who have no other option.  But lenders also benefit from personal loans. Many times they promote personal loans and even offer “pre-approved” loans. You don’t need personal loans… Read More »

Here is What You Should Know About Investing in ELSS | MoneyMindz

By | 08/09/2018

What are Equity Linked Savings Schemes? Equity Linked Saving Schemes are a close-ended lock-in period of 3 years equity schemes. They offer Tax benefits and can be invested using SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) and lump sums investment options. The lock-in period is 3 years, therefore better liquidity is available. Moneymindz, India’s First Free Online Financial… Read More »

Keep in Mind These Lesser Known Facts About PPF | MoneyMindz

By | 08/09/2018

    Public Provident Fund is the most popular investment option in India as it is a safe investment product with guaranteed returns. It was introduced in 1968 and has been famous since then. In this scheme, you contribute small amounts for a period of 15 years and then get reasonable returns. There are also… Read More »

How to Prepare For These Financial Emergencies | MoneyMindz

By | 08/09/2018

  You might be in a well paying job, working hard to move forward in your career and meeting all your financial goals regularly. Everything seems to be an open field with flowers when suddenly a storm come from nowhere and you are stuck with an emergency like accident, illness, leaking taps, etc. If caught… Read More »

Mistakes to Avoid in MF Investments in Order to Get Robust Returns | MoneyMindz

By | 07/09/2018

   Investors want to make higher returns and that’s why they invest. But investors are human and they do commit mistakes while investing in Mutual Funds. Mistakes are inevitable, regardless of who you are. But the best part is that we can learn from others mistakes so as to not commit the same mistakes.  So… Read More »

Self Directed Investing or a Robo-Advisor- Kuber Mindz

By | 07/09/2018

  You know the importance of investing. You probably have a budget and have listed down our income, expenses, savings, financial goals and time frame. Maybe you have even kept aside some savings meant for investment purposes and have also decided where to invest for which purpose. Just when you think you can start, you… Read More »

How Budgeting Benefits Your Life | MoneyMindz

By | 06/09/2018

    Regardless of the number of things you read, if you don’t put it into practice, it will never happen. Keeping a budget is crucial. It contains your income, expenses, savings, investments, financial goals and timeframe. India’s First Free Online Financial Advisory, Moneymindz If you think budgeting restricts you, then you could not be… Read More »