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Why Not Plan Your Finances Wisely To Save Taxes?-MoneyMindz

By | 16/04/2019

The utterance of the word “tax” emits a negative feeling in most people. It is not only about the realms of the real world, but in the iconic Bollywood film Lagaan that was based on a fictional story dating a century back, the protagonist had a “fear of paying tax”. Well over the years, terms… Read More »

Steps To Follow While You Claim Life Insurance Benefits-MoneyMindz

By | 16/04/2019

        A bitter truth but getting over the loss of a loved one is tough. In cases where the departed has dependents, life insurance helps tide over the financial burden they may face. Therefore, it’s important to know how to claim the insurance benefits upon the death of a loved one. So,… Read More »

Set Your Financial Goals With These Smart

By | 15/04/2019

       One of the most important questions that almost every investor has in mind is what instrument will get him the maximum rate of returns?  Is it the right question to ask? So, the basic tenets of personal finance advice individuals to start with introspection. You should start with your financial goal and… Read More »

Ways To Use Your Credit Card For Optimum Credit Score

By | 15/04/2019

Credit cards can be considered as one of the fastest ways to make purchases without worrying about a cash crunch. According to the TransUnion CIBIL Industry Insights Report for Q3 2018, the number of consumers with access to a bank card reached an all-time high of 36.9 million in Q3 2018 and has grown by… Read More »

Make Your Investment Journey As Smooth As A Road Journey?

By | 13/04/2019

        You can see that summer is upon us and you must have already started packing your bag to hit the road. Well will it surprise you f I were to tell you that your investment journey is quite similar to your road journeys?   Equity market has gone through a tough… Read More »

For Retirement Planning-NPS or Equity Mutual Fund?-MoneyMindz

By | 13/04/2019

      What should one choose for retirement? PPF, VPF, NPS, ULIP, equity mutual funds. Well most salaried individuals stick to EPF. As it is risk free, tax free instrument, which is also easy to invest into as the contribution gets automatically deducted from the salary with a matching contribution by the employer. MoneyMindz,… Read More »

New Generation Can Follow These Tips To Cut Down On Debt

By | 12/04/2019

             In today’s generation everything is all about ‘SWAG’ lifestyle, where patience is minimum and hustle-bustle is maximum. But this swag lifestyle can make you end up with long credit card bills, heavy interest ridden debt, high EMIs and low or no cash reserves, now that is not so swag… Read More »

Money Market Mutual Funds & Its Significance

By | 08/04/2019

In India the majority of people like to grow their savings or excess money in more safe and risk-free investments like fixed deposits or recurring deposits. So, increasing awareness of the stock market has now made people more open to investing in these options. Basically, money market mutual funds are a safe bet for people… Read More »

Get Your Dream Car With The Help Of Mutual

By | 04/04/2019

     Do you believe in the saying that the journey is more important than the destination? Well don’t you think that the journey to your destination may be made better when you travel in your own car? But you must be wondering how to finance the purchase price of your dream car. It is… Read More »

Every New Entrepreneur Should Consider These 4 Financial

By | 03/04/2019

In this competitive business landscape to launch a company means to put a hefty financial burden on your shoulders, and battle the tides until one day you establish solvency. Generally, this will not happen before the third year from launch. You will find this corporate limbo in a time when you will need to tend… Read More »