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10 Ways to Organize Your Personal Finances | MoneyMindz

By | 18/06/2018

We all have handled money at least a few times in our lives. Some of us can organize money better than the rest of us. How do we catch up with the ones who manage money better? 10 Ways to Organize Your Personal Finances: 1. Expenditure has to be Lesser Than Earnings: Track your income… Read More »

8 Short Term Investment Options For Your Next Vacation | MoneyMindz

By | 15/06/2018

       There was a time when you used to ask your father to give you money for trips and outings. Now, however, you are earning money. Why ask your dad when you can travel(Travel Insurance) with your money? In India or abroad, you can travel on your own with your own money. Want… Read More »

Justifications People Give To Avert Purchasing And Possessing Travel Insurance – MoneyMindz

By | 30/05/2018

Excuses!! People love giving excuses when they don’t want or don’t feel like doing something! Some are genuine while many are lame excuses. They just don’t realize how crucial travel insurance is. Here are some pleas they offer! I am skeptical if the insurer will pay me You don’t trust him when in reality you… Read More »

Travelling On A Tight Budget | Travel Insurance | MoneyMindz

By | 25/05/2018

We all are often busy with our day to day activities. Most of us love to travel. Travel is fun, therapeutic and healing! It lets you unwind and free. For me, travel is all about freeing yourself and letting your creativity fly high without any limits so that I get ideas for various things. Surrounded… Read More »

Monetary Guidance For You – Money Mindz

By | 19/05/2018

Here is some financial advice for you to follow especially if you’ve just begun earning. 1. Constitute a financial calendar Set up appointment reminders to tell when you have to pay bills when you have to clear your debts and so forth. This is crucial because you may have to pay heavy fines if you make late payments… Read More »

Considerable Capital Confusions College Graduates Can Avert – Money Mindz

By | 17/05/2018

We all make mistakes. After all, who doesn’t? But it is crucial to learn from mistakes and ensure that those mistakes aren’t repeated. You can learn not only from your mistakes but also from others mistakes. So, the next time someone talks to you along the lines of “This is a mistake I committed. I… Read More »

International Family Day – Money Mindz

By | 15/05/2018

15th May is known as the International Day of Families. Over the past few decades, families have changed in structure due to global trends and demographic changes. Nevertheless, Family is the basic unit of society still! The International Day of Families is celebrated to promote awareness of issues pertaining to families. This is to increase… Read More »

4 Components To Persuade You To Purchase An Insurance Cover – Money Mindz

By | 14/05/2018

Reluctant to purchase an insurance cover? We will send your reluctance on an exile to Neptune. Insurance is something most people don’t consider. They wait for something tragic to happen and learn their lesson the hard way. Insurance gives endorsed financial security when you require it the most. You don’t have to learn your 4… Read More »

How To Stay Financially Healthy – Money Mindz

By | 09/05/2018

  Managing your finances is independently is so crucial, especially when you have begun earning money. Staying away from debt while clearing your old debts, ensuring you don’t overinvest, everything is a bit daunting! We will give some tips on how to stay financially secure. 1. Institute monetary targets Have an understanding of the monetary… Read More »

5 Reasons You Ought To Possess a Travel Insurance Cover – Money Mindz

By | 07/05/2018

Generally, Indian overseas travellers do not possess travel insurances. An overseas holiday is always welcomed as a good break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But without planning assiduously, you could face a distressing experience. Along with planning for the itinerary, travel tickets, accommodation and the necessary paperwork, you also require insurance for a… Read More »