What Should A Student Know About Finance Before Going Abroad? – MoneyMindz

By | 12/07/2018

So you have finally secured admissions abroad and you are all aboard the ship/plane. However, before leaving, there are many things you have to know. Purchase travel insurance You might not go as a tourist. Nevertheless, it is still imperative to buy travel insurance. This depends on the length of your stay and the type… Read More »

GST Returns Change For The Better, At Least For Taxpayers – MoneyMindz

By | 11/07/2018

During the 27th Goods and Service Tax (GST) council meeting, among many other things, a noteworthy proclamation was that the government had contemplated the idea of an abstract return filing system wherein input credit would be system driven. Gradual implementation of this system shall be done after testing, so as to give enough time for… Read More »

Why Should I Construct An Emergency Fund? – MoneyMindz

By | 10/07/2018

We have all heard about investments. One such investment is building an emergency fund. Do we know the importance of this emergency fund? If not let us first, let’s know what an emergency fund is: What is an emergency fund? It is a corpus that would be utilized to pay for unanticipated events in life.… Read More »

Why Child Insurance Is Necessary?- MoneyMindz

By | 10/07/2018

It is said that children are Gods or manifestations of God. Children are equivalent to God. They are innocent, cute, kind and vulnerable beings. Children are precious and are 100% of our future. We have to safeguard them. How will you safeguard them? How will you ensure a bright future for them? First, let us… Read More »

3 Next Level Issues To Address As We Reach The 2nd Year Of GST | MoneyMindz

By | 20/06/2018

Good and Service Tax was introduced in the year 2017 dated July 1st, by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.  We are close to reaching the second year of GST already. There is something that has to be considered now. Before that, let us analyze what GST is What is GST? Goods and Service… Read More »

Closed-Ended Mutual Funds and Ways to Invest | MoneyMindz

By | 20/06/2018

What is a Close Ended Fund?         A publicly traded investment company by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is called a Close Ended Fund. Similar to Mutual Funds, closed-ended funds are pooled investment funds with a manager who oversees the portfolio, it enhances a particular amount of wealth through an Initial… Read More »

Nine Steps to Home Loan Borrowers | MoneyMindz

By | 19/06/2018

Most of us have taken or will take loans. One of the loans taken is Home Loan. Debt always gets us into tricky situations. Paying the Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) is arduous. We have to clear debt at the earliest. However, interest rates are always rising! How can you as a home loan borrower reduce… Read More »

Foreign Portfolio Investment Norms In Bonds Relaxed By RBI | MoneyMindz

By | 19/06/2018

Now, foreign investors investing in portfolios need not worry as the Reserve Bank of India or RBI has revised its rules for foreign portfolio investors’ investments in Indian bonds. There is also reduction of residual maturity, withdrawal of the auction mechanism, and revision of the cap on aggregate Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) investments in a… Read More »